Bubbles (BUBS) is an ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by the endearing character Bubbles from the hit television show "Trailer Park Boys." The primary objective of Bubbles is to contribute to the welfare of our feline friends by donating a percentage of its revenue to reputable cat charities. This white paper outlines the key features, technical specifications, and the roadmap of Bubbles, aiming to create a vibrant and compassionate community united in its love for both cryptocurrencies and cats.

  • Token Specification & Taxes

    • Name: Bubbles
    • Symbol: BUBS
    • Standard: ERC-20
    • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 BUBS

    * 2% buy and sell tax which is split for donations and marketing.

  • Charity Donation Mechanism

    • A percentage of each transaction conducted with Bubbles will be automatically allocated to a cat charity.
    • Donations will be made periodically to ensure a sustainable and impactful contribution.
    • Transparency will be ensured through the public recording of all donations on the blockchain.
  • Community Governance

    • Bubbles holders will have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes through voting mechanisms.
    • Major decisions regarding donation recipients, partnerships, and future development will involve community input.
  • Token Distribution

    • 95% of the total token supply will be allocated for the initial token sale to ensure a fair and balanced distribution.
    • 5% will be allocated to CEX listings, project development, marketing, and partnerships.

    * A portion of each transaction will be automatically added to the liquidity pool to enhance market stability and provide liquidity for traders.

  • Roadmap

    • Q2 2023: Bubbles concept development, team formation, and early-stage preparations.
    • Q3 2023: Smart contract creation, Bubbles token launch on the Ethereum main net, initial exchange listings.
    • Q4 2023: Community building, partnerships with cat charities, and donation framework implementation.
    • Q1 2024 and Beyond: Expansion of Bubbles ecosystem, development of governance mechanisms, and continuous efforts to maximize charitable contributions.
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Bubbles combines the power of blockchain technology with the compassion for feline welfare. By embracing this ERC-20 cryptocurrency, individuals can contribute to the well- being of cats while engaging in a vibrant, decentralized community. The team behind Bubbles is dedicated to fostering transparency, inclusivity, and sustainability, ultimately making a positive impact on the lives of our feline friends.

Please note that this white paper is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Before participating in any cryptocurrency project, conduct thorough research and consult with professionals.